Jo Mackenzie

Hi! My name is Jo Mackenzie and I am the author of Cages of Stone.

Growing up I devoured every novel I could find in my small, public library. Now living in Brisbane, Australia I love to create my own tales with a special blend of paranormal and romance.

Look out for my next novel coming soon.

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‘A life in stone is no life at all.’

Cursed and trapped in this world, Oliver is damned to spend half his existence in stone and half as a slave to the night. Living on the edge of society he hides from those who hunt for his secret.

‘Her nightmare had come to life.’

Hallie need a fresh start. Her only focus should be finding a job and piecing together what is left of her shattered heart and her self-esteem. Yet she can’t turn her back on the beast that haunts her home and stirs her heart.

‘I don’t see a monster. I see a man who is wrapped in rainbow of gold and amber.’

When ghosts from their past return, Hallie must decide what future she really wants and then find the strength to fight for it.